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About Us


 Established in  2004,  Aureus Partners has grown from  an independent, employee owned sale and marketing firm to managing institutional real estate assets . Aureus Partners is devoted exclusively to raising capital for a selected group of talented institutional investment firms. We are a placement resource that provides a full line of sales and service capabilities for traditional and alternative investment firms. 


Our Focus

 Our focus is to understand our clients strengths and weakness in the institutional market place. We undertake extensive due diligence to gain a complete understanding of the fund and to ensure their ability to raise capital. Once the firm becomes a client, we work closely with the institutional team to structure, develop, and package a marketing and execution strategy. We listen to the market and customize each strategy that will optimize our approach to raising capital. We prepare and position each client to clearly articulate their strategy and impart a clear understanding of their approach and its fit within the plan sponsors objective of superior investment performance. From the initial prospective opportunity through the closing, our process is defined by our constant partner input and client support.  

Raising Assets

With the shared goal of raising assets, we collaborate with our clients through a comprehensive process. Aureus Partners defines the opportunities best suited for a particular firm and develops strategies to approach these opportunities.  From the renovation of marketing materials and introductory meetings, to RFPs and final presentations, Aurues provides guidance, expertise, and support until the deal is closed. After the business is won, and throughout the length of the relationship, Aureus Partners continues to facilitate the communication between the asset manager and institutional investor.

strategic leadership

We look to differentiate your firm in a over crowded marketplace with positive strategic attributes and your firms comparative advantages.  We work in a close collaboration with specifics strategic partners that focuses on discovery, positioning and engagement campaigns that help identify, introduce and reinforce your firm capabilities and strengths. 



Our History


  Since 2004, Aureus Partners mission is to represent a limited number of high-quality institutional investment firms and assist them in increasing their assets under management. Our focus has always been on forming relationships between our investment client partners and institutionally oriented clientele that includes, endowment, foundation, public, and corporate pension funds.

 Aureus Partners has continued that mission with the establishment of Aureus Global Real Estate fund. We set out  to provide a real estate platform that creates an actively managed and balanced institutional real estate portfolio vehicle for institutional investors,   who have limited real estate allocations amounts.  In 2008, Our Mission turned into reality as we created that vehicle for institutions  giving them an opportunity to invest in a real estate investment strategy that replicates the diversification and risk characteristics of a large tax-exempt institutional investor’s real estate allocation within one fund. 

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Whether you are an emerging or established manager, market presence is essential to achieving your potential in winning mandates and gathering assets from highly sought institutional clients. It is most effective in the form of well known, credible and skilled representatives.